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Bio-Zyme Products

Bio-Zyme Lake Bacteria Products

Offered exclusively through TRM Biologics, Bio-Zyme is your safe, effective, and economical way to restore lakes and ponds to pristine, natural beauty. Bio-Zyme produces a clean water column that helps maintain a healthy, balanced aquatic ecosystem.

Bio-Zyme is not an algacide or chemical. Our Bio-Zyme products are formulated with natural bacteria that compete for N and P nutrients, thus reducing odors, and sludge in your lake or pond.

Bio-Zyme also contains sludge-digesting bacteria, which, when used as directed by TRM Biologics, will eliminate excess bottom sludge, and stop the severe rotten egg smell that comes with anaerobic muck and sludge.

Bio-Zyme I

Description: Bio-Zyme I Powder is an advanced blend of nutrient-consuming and sludge-digesting bacteria that is proven to clean and clear lakes and ponds, it will eliminate sulfide odors. Bio-Zyme I also includes bio-enhancers (micronutrients) that help the natural bacteria in the lake produce enzymes to breakdown tied up nitrients. Bio-Zyme I has the highest concentration of bacteria in our product line. The unique combination of live bacteria and micronutrients makes Bio-Zyme I Powder the most effective lake treatment additive available.

Bacteria Concentration: 5 billion spores per gram.

Bio-Zyme 1   Price in Water Soluble Packets:
Name Description Price
20 Packets 20 of 1-lb Water Soluble Packets at $33.50/lb $670.00
Full Pail (20-lb) 20-lb Bulk Pail at $32.99/lb $659.80
40 Packets 40 of 1-lb Water Soluble Packets $33.50/lb $1,340.00
Full Pail (40-lb) 40-lb Bulk Pail $32.99/lb $1,319.60
Free Shipping to Continental United States. Florida deliveries require 6.5% sales tax.

Bio-Zyme EcoSocks

Description: Bio-Zyme EcoSocks put the maximum amount of sludge-digesting bacteria where they are needed. EcoSocks contain a special mix of bacteria and nutrients contained in a slow-release matrix. EcoSocks are applied once a month to problem areas (dead ends of lakes where sludge, and odor are the worst). EcoSocks are contained in a biodegradable burlap bag. You can tie the EcoSock to a rail or post, or stake it into the ground using the attached tether, or just toss it into the lake. The EcoSock works for a full month before it is replaced.

Bio-Zyme EcoSocks are packaged 6 per case
Case of 6: $275.94
($45.99 each)
Free Shipping to Continental United States
Florida deliveries require 6.5% sales tax.

Bio-Zyme Liquid Nitrifiers

Description: Nitrifiers are specialized bacteria that attack ammonia and nitrite, and also bind phosphates. Bio-Zyme Nitrifiers are extremely powerful and concentrated. Some claim that their powders contain "nitrifiers", but don't be fooled. It is impossible to "freeze-dry" nitrifiers. When your lake or pond has very poor water quality, muck, sludge, and odors, nitrifiers used in combination with Bio-Zyme Powder or Bio-Zyme EcoSocks might be the only solution. This is the real thing. Insist on Bio-Zyme Nitrifiers!

Packaging and Price:
Bio-Zyme Nitrifiers are packaged in Case of two 2.5 gallon jugs.
Price: $174.95 per case

Free Shipping to Continental United States
Florida deliveries require 6.5% sales tax.

Bio-Zyme ComboPack

Description: ComboPacks are the ideal solution for lake and pond managers or the homeowner looking to beautify and clarify their ponds without resorting to toxic chemicals or copper algaecides. ComboPacks combine a super concentrated version of our liquid Nitrifier formula, and an extra-large version of our EcoSock.

Standard Dose: ComboPacks include one large EcoSock and 1 gallon of liquid Nitrifier. Apply 1 ComboPack per acre monthly. Use according to directions from TRM Biologics or our authorized distributor.


The Bio-Zyme ComboPack
includes one large EcoSock
and 1 gallon of Nitrifier.

$99.96. per ComboPack


The Bio-Zyme 6 ComboPack
includes 6 large EcoSock
and 6 gallon of Nitrifier.

$599.76. Six ComboPack

Free Shipping to Continental United States. Florida deliveries require 6.5% sales tax.